Founded in the Winter of 2009, Revolution is the Chinese Yoyo team at the University of Michigan. Blending the traditional pastime of Chinese Yoyo (diabolo) with modern music, we aim to promote Asian American Culture through the performing arts.


As one of the most unique performance teams at the University of Michigan, Revolution has performed at some of the biggest events on campus. These include Dance Mix, CSA's Lunar Gala, VSA's Dem Viet Nam, GenAPA, A/PIA High School Conference, KPL Inspired, Taste of Taiwan, TEDxUM, Celebrasia, Dance Marathon, and of course our very own Yotonix.
Revolution has also been invited to perform at countless locations throughout the Midwest, including MSU, OSU, UToledo, GVSU, UChicago, Northwestern, Ferris State, Google Ann Arbor, and the Detroit Institute of Arts.


Yotonix was formed in 2017 as a collaboration between Revolution Chinese Yoyo and Photonix Glowsticking. The annual Yotonix show is hosted each Spring within the Michigan League. The show features new and exciting sets by Revolution and Photonix, a collaboration set of yoyos and glowsticks, an award-winning play put on by our members, as well as many special guest performances!