Those who are dropping yoyos at practice twice a week and "occasionally" during performances

Spencer Wong

Dylan He

Kevin Chen
Former Co-President

Jeemin Lee

Jonah Dykhuizen

Limmy Kim

Jeff Guan

Barbara Chiang

Hubert Hung

Brian Lee

Travis Lu

Alex Ruan

Raymond Jiang

Nick Jansen

Howie Chang


Those who are now living their successful lives hopefully someplace warmer #KeepSpinning

Class of 2020

  • Albert Hu
  • Michael Tarn
  • Jeemin Lee
  • Jonathan Sun

Class of 2019

  • Kyle Gordon

Class of 2018

  • Daniel Huang

Class of 2017

  • Austin Tsao
  • Eric Chang
  • Audrey Kim
  • Jeff Lin

Class of 2016

  • Chris Shih
  • Andry Tran
  • Chris Chen

Class of 2015

  • Jeffrey Pan
  • Brian Lu

Class of 2014

  • Mark Wu

Class of 2013

  • Charles Lu
  • Andy Lin

Class of 2012

  • Jeff Liu
  • David Yang